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1 comment Dec 9, 2022

Announcement time!

We are excited to announce that we will be featuring local artists every quarter in our store. Located in the Southgate Mall, we will be showcasing original paintings by talented artists from the Missoula area.

Our goal is to elevate the local art community and provide a platform for artists to share their work with the public. We believe that by supporting and promoting local artists, we can help to foster a vibrant and thriving arts scene in Missoula.

Each quarter, we will select a different artist to showcase their work in our store. We will provide them with a space to display their paintings and promote their art through our social media channels and email newsletter. This will give the artist the opportunity to reach a wider audience and potentially sell their work to customers who visit our store.

In addition to supporting local artists, we also believe that featuring original paintings in our store will add value for our customers. Original art can add a unique and personal touch to any space, and we hope that our customers will enjoy seeing the work of talented artists from the Missoula area.

We are committed to supporting the local art community and look forward to featuring a new artist every quarter in our store. If you are an artist based in Missoula and are interested in being featured in our store, please contact us for more information. We can't wait to see the amazing art that our community has to offer.

First Featured Artist: Jodi Monahan

Meet Jodi Monahan, a self-taught artist living in Missoula, MT who creates stunning large format oil paintings. Drawing inspiration from the animals and fish of Montana, Monahan's artwork is characterized by vibrant colors and a unique style. We are excited to showcase her work in our store during the holiday season, and will continue to feature her paintings through the first quarter of the new year.

Jodi Monahan in front of two of her large format oil paintings

After discovering her talent for oil painting, Monahan began to channel her love for the outdoors into her art. Using bold brushstrokes and vivid colors, she brings Montana's wildlife to life on the canvas. From majestic, clashing elk and bold bison to intricate fish patterns and vibrant tied flies, Monahan's paintings capture the essence of the natural world in all its beauty.

Bison large format oil painting

For those who love fly fishing, Monahan's paintings of flies are the perfect addition to any collection. Not only do they showcase the beauty and artistry of these important fishing tools, but they also serve as a reminder of the joy and connection to nature that fly fishing brings.

Oil painting of flies for fly fishing

In addition to creating breathtaking works of art, Monahan is also dedicated to giving back to her community. She has displayed her artwork in several local businesses, and donates her time and talent to a number of community organizations. Through her art, Monahan inspires others to appreciate and protect the beauty of Montana's wild places.

While being featured in the store she is selling her paintings for a steep discount. By offering her paintings at this lowered price in the store, Monahan hopes to make her art more accessible to the people of Missoula and the surrounding area. She believes that supporting local businesses and artists is important for the health and vitality of the community.

To check out more of our current featured Artist, Jodi Monahan's work go to-->

Fish skin large format oil painting

Fly fishing in Montana Large Format Oil Painting

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  • Candace Wood December 10, 2022 at 4:54 pm

    I’ve watched Jodi for years now and it’s beautiful to watch her work grow into such gorgeous new creations.💚

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