Celebrating another milestone with Missoula PRIDE

Jun 20, 2024

Highlights from our ongoing merchandise-based FUNdraiser

Our long standing relationship with the co-directors of Missoula PRIDE has yielded another fruitful phase of collaboration that is particularly meaningful to our staff, many of whom are local and/ or members of Missoula’s LGBTQiA+ community. In anticipation of one of our favorite local events of the year, we created a new line of products featuring the 2024 Missoula PRIDE design and the Missoula PRIDE logo. Working with the exceptional art of Rae Senarighi (@thetranspainter) has been a true delight and we are proud of both the new product line and the overall accomplishments of the ongoing fundraiser:

  • We designed 29 new discrete products and decorated around 750 blanks items in-house (not including 100s of stickers and keychains which we had made elsewhere).
  • Last year during the weekend of Missoula PRIDE (Thursday through Monday) we sold 364 items; this year during the same days we sold 553 items.
  • We conscientiously created products to accommodate all seasons and weather conditions–rain or shine we want people to be comfortable!
  • In order to ensure our products are inclusive of all bodies, we broadened our vendor pool to provide a wider range and selection of sizes and researched gender-inclusive language in the fashion industry.
  • We managed production of the new product line and all logistics of official vending at several locations during Pride weekend, all while hiring new staff, moving production facilities, refining our retail operations and environment, onboarding new nonprofit partners, and gearing up for one of our peak seasons. Phew!

New affiliates join in the Missoula PRIDE fundraising effort

We are pleased to welcome several new affiliates whose social media presence has helped to amplify the Missoula PRIDE signal. The Last Best Store Affiliate Marketing Program is a performance-based marketing strategy where affiliate partners earn a commission for any sales on our website resulting from the affiliate's marketing efforts (e.g., content creation, social media, or print advertising). This program allows us to leverage a broader network for promotion and raising awareness of our nonprofit collaborations while providing affiliates with a potential revenue stream generated from little to no upfront investment.

The Missoula PRIDE affiliate link generated $856 in revenue over the course of one month and two new affiliate social media videos received over 33,000 views on TikTok in a single week! Check out the videos posted to TikTok here and here.

Earn commissions from online sales through our Affiliate Marketing Program!

If you are interested in joining our Affiliate Marketing Program, we encourage you to look through our website to see if there is a nonprofit collaboration or product collection that speaks to you; we are also happy to make recommendations based on your audience.

Contact us for more information about the program!


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