This Independence Day we highlight US manufacturing and local art!

Jul 4, 2024
The Last Best Store blog image (Rosie the Riveter), Bolstering independence through local manufacturing and artistic production

Bolstering independence through local manufacturing and artistic production

This fourth of July, we'd like to highlight the importance of supporting local manufacturing and artistic production, and to celebrate the cultural diversity that constitutes the rich tapestry of our nation. The United States has a strong legacy of manufacturing that emphasizes quality, efficiency, and adaptability. 

Here are a few benefits of local manufacturing and artistic production:

  • Stimulates the local economy by creating jobs and other opportunities for skill development/ training for the local workforce, and by driving innovation and technological advancements.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation of goods over long distances. It also allows for better regulation and oversight of environmental practices, promoting more sustainable production methods.
  • Reduces dependence on international supply chains—which can be vulnerable to disruptions due to geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, or pandemics—and encourages economic diversity and resilience. Having a strong local manufacturing base can be crucial for national security, ensuring the availability of essential goods in times of crisis.
  • Local manufacturers/ artists produce higher-quality goods and offer greater customization to meet the specific needs of local consumers; they often source materials and services from other local businesses, creating a multiplier effect that benefits the entire local economy.


The Last Best Store Blog graphic, American flag carved out of solid wood, The Last Best Store is dedicated to supporting local artists and businesses

The Last Best Store is dedicated to supporting local artists and businesses

We opened The Last Best Store in 2021 as a hub through which over 150 Montana artists and businesses can showcase and sell their work; our brick-and-mortar and online retail spaces actualize our vision of supporting and elevating the local arts and our vibrant community.

Supporting local artists offers the following economic, social, and cultural benefits:

  • Economic Support: Purchasing art from local artists directly supports their livelihoods, providing them with the resources and encouragement needed to develop their careers. It keeps money within the community and can lead to more job opportunities in related fields, such as galleries, framers, art supply stores, and retailers like The Last Best Store. Early support from galleries and retail sales can also help emerging artists gain recognition and reach broader audiences.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Local artists often experiment with new ideas and techniques, contributing to the overall innovation and creativity within the community. Many reuse or repurpose materials, thereby diverting waste away from local landfills and contributing to a circular economy. Their work can inspire others and encourage creative thinking in various aspects of life.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Local artists contribute to the cultural fabric of their communities, providing unique and diverse artistic expressions that reflect local traditions, histories, and perspectives. This enriches the community's cultural life, preserves its heritage, and enhances community identity and pride by showcasing the unique characteristics and stories of the area.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Local artists bring diverse perspectives and experiences to their work, enriching the community with a wide range of viewpoints. This diversity can lead to a more inclusive and cohesive society.

Overall, supporting local artists nurtures the cultural, economic, and social vitality of a community, fostering a sense of connection and pride while contributing to a more sustainable, circular economy. 

Join us in supporting local manufacturing and Montana-based artists this 4th of July by buying local!

American Flag Wood & Blue Anodized Aluminum Plate Richardson Flat Bill Hat by Last Best Supply Co.
Solid Oak American Flag - Hand Carved by White Dog Wood Shop
"Star Quilt" - multimedia original resined art - by BringsYellow Art (Monica BringsYellow)
Last Best Supply Co. White Dog Wood Shop  BringsYellow Art

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